Publishers, journalists, and other copyright holders now join forces against the tech giants

In 2021, a large number of Danish media companies launched a joint effort to get the tech giants to pay for their use of Danish content. Now, the Danish Union of Journalists - Media and Communication and a number of other rights organisations, such as the Danish Authors' Association and the Danish Composers' Society, are also part of the team working to get payment for both the media and the journalists, photographers and other creative forces that produce the content.  Both DPCMO - the publishers' rights organisation - and the Danish Journalists' Association - Media & Communication are very pleased that they are now working together to protect copyright and get paid for the use of their content.  

“The big tech companies are in many ways a huge challenge for the Danish media industry, and therefore it is both logical and very positive that we are now working with the publishers to secure our rights and the payment for the valuable content that our members create every single day,” says DJ chairman Tine Johansen, who has signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both DJ and a number of other author organisations that bring together different types of rights holders.

And Karen Rønde, director of DPCMO agrees: “The challenge and complexity are huge, and that’s why we must stand together. Because unity is strength. We will work together to ensure that the tech giants enter into agreements with Danish media houses and recognise that the content is valuable and owned by the producers. We expect the tech giants to pay for the value that Danish-produced content gives them, and we believe that together we can achieve more.”

Tech giants such as Google and Meta have enormous influence and power, which is why there is a need for clear agreements on e.g., copyright, which is a cornerstone of Danish legislation and of great economic importance to both content producers and publishers in Denmark. And since these are global and financially very resourceful companies, DPCMO and the Danish Union of Journalists – Media & Communication need political support in their work.

“We hope that Denmark – also in connection with the EU presidency in the second half of 2025 – has the will and courage to assume responsibility and take the lead in the work with tech, so that together we can ensure the framework needed to future-proof our open and vibrant democracy with high trust and cohesion,” says Karen Rønde.

The collaboration between DPCMO and the Danish Union of Journalists – Media & Communication and the other author organisations under Copydan Text & Music enters into force now.