Access to big tech data

Access to big tech data and transparency are key in this era of global tech and AI transforming society and business. Reliable news and quality journalism add value to Google, Meta, TikTok and other tech platforms as trustworthy and diverse content is in demand by consumers. This also applies to LinkedIn; a platform which is “committed to keeping its platform safe, trusted, and professional and respects the laws that apply to its services” (EU Code of Practice on Disinformation, September 2023 report) However, the market value of media content is unknown as LinkedIn has not shared data with DPCMO despite repeated requests. Therefore, DPCMO has asked the Danish Copyright Licence Tribunal for assistance. The CRM directive states that a CMO and a user must conduct negotiations in good faith and shall provide each other with all necessary information. Any tariff shall be reasonable and reflect the economic value of the use of the rights. This requires transparency and access to data.