DPCMO and Google enter into a license agreement

DPCMO and Google have entered into an interim licensing agreement regarding DPCMO members’ content which is protected under the new Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, transposed into the Danish Copyright Act in June 2021. The next step will be negotiating a long-term agreement.

DPCMO chair Anders Krab-Johansen: “The intention with the Directive on copyright and the Danish transposition is to provide a high level of protection for rightsholders to stimulate innovation, creativity, investment, and production of new content in the digital environment, ensuring citizens’ access to knowledge and reliable information. Therefore, we are pleased to share our progress with Google today. Since the summer 2021 we have worked hard to agree on the terms as news matters more than ever and we trust this interim agreement is an important step to ensure remuneration to the industry as also the use of parts of press publications have gained economic relevance.”

Google’s News Partnerships Lead for Denmark, Dimitra Letsa, is happy that the negotiations have now led to a concrete result. “This is an important first milestone in our cooperation with DPCMO, with a deal that is in line with Google’s efforts across Europe. We remain committed and keen on progressing further and expanding our partnership to the benefit of a thriving news ecosystem in Denmark”, says Dimitra Letsa.