DPCMO and Microsoft sign Memorandum of Understanding

Free Press is critical to the the success of Democracy

Today, the Danish Press Publications’ Collective Management Organisation, DPCMO, and Microsoft have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) regarding publisher content on Microsoft’s search engine, Bing in which Microsoft recognizes and supports the ancillary right for press publishers. In doing so, Microsoft becomes the first major technology company to sign an MoU with the DPCMO. The agreed next step will be negotiations for a licence agreement between both parties.

Microsoft and DPCMO share a common understanding of the need for a fair remuneration of content from the Danish press publishers under EU and Danish copyright law to ensure the sustainability of the publishing industry and thereby foster the availability of reliable information for the benefit of citizens and a healthy democracy in general.

Anders Krab-Johansen, chairman of the DPCMO said: “The press is a cornerstone of a free and democratic society. Microsoft’s commitment to a cooperation with DPCMO is a powerful statement in our crucial and on-going effort to ensure that the Danes have access to a free, relevant and diverse press in a digital world.”

Nanna-Louise Wildfang Linde, Vice President, European Government Affairs for Microsoft said: “Microsoft supports the rights of publishers to receive fair payment for the use of their content by third-party platforms under the EU Copyright Directive and similar laws, and we appreciate the collaboration with the DPCMO to this end. We remain committed to work with Danish media organizations to ensure that digitalization enables a vibrant, free and open press.”


DPCMO: CEO Karen Rønde, T +45 41445740, E kr@dpcmo.dk, www.dpcmo.dk
Microsoft Denmark: Communications Director Ditte Namer, T: +45 24375245 E: Ditte.Namer@microsoft.com