DPCMO claims that Meta is violating the Digital Markets Act

Data is the currency of business. Data is key in monetisation, personalisation, innovation, value realisation, optimisation, invention and adaption. With big tech’s unique access to data, they have gained immense market power and become data monopolies.

DPCMO has tried unsuccessfully to get big tech to share data insights on the use of Danish media content on their platforms. The data will disclose what content users/citizens find relevant. Danske Medier and DPCMO have – on behalf of the Danish media outlets – complained to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority about Meta, as we believe Meta is violating the Digital Markets Act’s (DMA’s) provisions on data access.

The DMA creates a range of new rights for business in the EU. One of the key rights is the effective access to data. The DMA should mean that big tech must give back our data. The new access to data generated by our content and user interactions on gatekeepers’ platforms will have to include performance metrics and user behaviour. The data access must be in real-time and free of charge.

Effective enforcement of the DMA is crucial for fostering innovation and ensuring a level playing field in the digital landscape for all European businesses and startups, not only for the media industry. We hope that the competition authorities will take our complaint seriously. SMEs often lack the resources and market power of larger corporations. We need a level playing field to make European SMEs innovate, grow, and thrive, to ensure European job creation and economic growth and thus diversity and choice for European consumers.