DPCMO Threatens to Sue OpenAI

The DSM Directive was supposed to close the value gap between global tech and local content creators, but it seems to have made a value abyss with the TDM exemption and the AI Act. Big tech/AI companies are using our creative content/data without our consent and without respecting our opt-outs.

Content creators lose control over our own work. We – and only we – bear the burden and risk of OpenAI’s commercialisation of our content. OpenAI says that ‘we need an effective, scalable solution for content owners to express their preferences for the use of their content in AI systems’. No, we don’t. We need OpenAI to stop using our creative content without our prior approval and recognise that our creative content is our property – whether it’s in front of or behind a paywall. Our content is NOT free publicly available information. Our content is our business.