Minister of Culture approves mediation between Meta and DPCMO

For almost two years DPCMO has tried to discuss and reach an agreement with Meta. In absence of a result of the negotiations DPCMO has asked the Danish Minister of Culture to appoint a mediator. The Minister of Culture has approved DPCMO's request and will appoint a mediator. DPCMO looks forward to constructively participating in the process and hope that Meta will do the same mindful of Meta's role and responsibilities in the Danish society.

Two years ago, on 7 June 2021, Danish press publishers were granted a new right in relation to global tech companies. A right that reflects that an independent and pluralistic press is a cornerstone of a free and democratic society, which is why tech companies must pay an appropriate remuneration and share data when the companies create business based on media content.

DPCMO negotiates with a number of tech companies and has made breakthroughs with Microsoft and Google, among others. For almost two years, Danish media under the auspices of DPCMO have tried to negotiate with Meta about the company’s direct and indirect use of media content and data in its services. Therefore, DPCMO has requested the Minister of Culture to initiate mediation in accordance with section 52 of the Danish Copyright Act. The Ministry of Culture has approved DPCMO’s request and a mediator will be appointed to mediate between Meta and DPCMO.

DPCMO looks forward to participating constructively in the mediation process in order to find a solution in favour of the free press and citizens and hopes that Meta will do the same. Mediation can be fast and effective if the parties act professionally and contribute to the progress and information of the case.

The reasoning behind the mediation institute is, among other things, that in certain areas there may be significant societal interests associated with a given form of exploitation, and at the same time there may be such a significant imbalance in the parties’ interest in achieving a result that mediation is necessary.