New agreement for Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and Qwant

Today DPCMO has entered into interim licence agreements regarding publisher content on the search engines Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and Qwant. This is a milestone for DPCMO as now the organisation has interim agreements in place with search engines available in Denmark.

As humans we are fundamentally designed to connect and relate to one another. News matters because it connects people, creates a platform for diverse voices and informs, engages, and involves people. This, the DSM directive, and the Danish transposition hereof recognises and aims to encourage by supporting the sustainability of the publishing industry and thereby fostering the availability of reliable information to the citizens.

Shaping Europe’s digital future is also about ensuring an open, democratic, and sustainable society with media pluralism and cultural diversity. And if digital – as stated by the EU Commission – should be a driver for growth it is crucial that global companies doing business based on other people’s content and data are authorised to do so and remunerates the rightsholders. This is why the DSM directive and the Danish Copyright Act – in addition to search engines – also regulates news aggregators and social media. Rights management and effective enforcement are essential for the growth potential of the European digital economy and an inclusive digital society.