Political focus on tech, AI and copyright

The Danish Parliament officially opened the new political season this week with a forward-thinking proposal on the legislative programme. As the Minister of Culture states: "We have important work ahead of us to continue modernising the copyright rules. We are working on introducing a collective licence in the area of text and data mining, so that rightsholders can negotiate collectively with tech on the use of their rights for artificial intelligence, for example."

Techs’ business models challenge us all. Therefore, it is valued that the government puts action behind the fine words about the importance of Danish content, which unifies, challenges, and makes us wiser as citizens and society. Cohesiveness is challenged by misinformation, disinformation and deepfake. Any initiative that supports investment in reliable, diverse content and a level playing field is appreciated.

See https://kum.dk/aktuelt/nyheder/ophavsret-og-medieforlig-vil-praege-folketingsarbejdet