The Danish Ministry of Culture approves DPCMO

A free and diverse press is a condition of a free society; that’s why we are humbled and proud to announce that the Ministry of Culture has approved DPCMO as a collective management organisation authorised to conclude agreements regarding press publishers’ rights on behalf of the publishers. It is a milestone for the organisation and for the work with fostering the availability of reliable information and ensuring trust and tolerance between people.

The extended collective license is a legislative concept and a proven practical tool for securing rights holders’ rights – via the collective management organisation (CMO) – in connection with mass exploitation of their copyright-protected works or other protected subject matters.

The instrument benefits the rights holders, the users and the society:

  • rights holders (big and small) obtain data and payment for the exploitation of their content, which – in our case – recognise and encourage the sustainability of the publishing industry and thereby foster the availability of reliable information to citizens
  • users can relatively easy and non-bureaucratic obtain permission to use large amount of protected material
  • society’s interest is that Danish content is utilized for the benefit of the Danes and the cultural ecosystem, the public debate and a well-functioning democracy