Unity becomes our ultimate competitive advantage

The core values ​​of our democracies are humanity, equality, trust, justice, solidarity and freedom. Tech giants' focus on profit poses a systemic risk to democracy, cultural production and distribution, media pluralism, freedom of information and expression, which we must handle. Informed, engaged and empowered citizens are the best guarantee for the resilience of our democracy. In an age of information overload and AI content, we risk losing the ability to distinguish between real news and fake news.

It is time to act – on a national, Nordic and European level.

We are therefore pleased that the leading candidates for the European Parliament and SAGA took the time to debate the EU’s role at a conference March 7 at the Danish Parliament; Borgen. The organizers of the conference, together with a large number of other Danish rights organisations, have developed joint proposals for how we can ensure that human creativity can continue to be the cornerstone of our cultural identity. The proposals are about accountability, transparency, fairness, remuneration and effective enforcement.

The rightsholders know that the challenges are complex and that we have to unite to tackle them – in Denmark and in Europe. Fortunately, we have ministers and politicians who will lead the work for cultural diversity and our fundamental rights.

We all have a responsibility to shape the stories of the future.
If we stand together, we will succeed.