upday reaffirms its commitment to Danish Press Publishers

Today upday and the Danish Press Publications’ Collective Management Organisation, DPCMO, have entered into an interim licence agreement regarding Europe’s largest news app upday.

The European and the Danish ancillary right for press publishers came into force June 7, 2021 and today upday reaffirms its commitment to the need for a fair remuneration of content from the Danish press publishers in line with the DSM directive (EU 2019/790) and the Danish transposition hereof.

As the DSM directive states, rapid technological developments continue to transform the way publishers’ work are distributed and exploited. New business models and services based on third party’s content and data continue to emerge. The legislation needs to be future-proof and effective in practice. This requires a multi-faceted approach that involves several key elements such as legal clarity, adequate enforcement tools, public awareness, monitoring and frequent adjustments as the reuse of presspublications constitutes an important part of tech’s business models and a source of revenue.

Anders Krab-Johansen, chairman of the DPCMO said: “The regulatory framework aims to contribute to the European Union’s objective of respecting and promoting free press, cultural diversity, and citizens’ access to quality journalism. Therefore, we are pleased to reach this agreement with upday as it demonstrates that a European news aggregator respects the law, acknowledges that business based on others content needs to be remunerated, and wishes to support a proper functioning of a democratic society by recognising and ensuring the sustainability of the publishing industry and thereby fostering the availability of reliable information.”