TikTok and Meta do not play by the rules. The Minister will act

TikTok and Meta have refused to participate in a mediation process authorised by the Danish Minister of Culture, who is now ready to reach into the political toolbox. "I actually expect that Tiktok and Meta will soon correct their behaviour and start following the Danish rules of the game. I don't really want to get involved in the specific disputes between the parties, but Denmark is a country where we talk to each other and where dialogue is an important part of our democracy,” the Minister says. "I am also investigating which legislative levers can be turned to either strengthen the effectiveness of the mediation rules or otherwise ensure the necessary tools to make it more difficult to refuse to be an active player in the Danish model," the Minister states. It is encouraging to have a Minister who will put action behind fine words. In a time of mis- and disinformation and division, it is crucial that Europe is not naive, but stand united in diversity in the fight for strong democracies with informed and engaged citizens.